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To the citizens of Siena, Yes!

To the citizens of Rome, No!

And a citizen of Bari asks himself:

Purcé? (means perché – why – in the local dialect of Bari)


Rome, 28 August 2000

This is our third political bulletin.

Is it possible that nobody has ever noted during the Palio horse races of Siena, that the roofs of the houses of Siena no longer have any parabolic satellite antennas and receiver TV antennas?

What is happening? Why has this important piece of information never been reported by any newspaper? Now, this is why the National President of the "Italian New Generation Party" wishes to inform you through this bulletin.

Dear Readers: the citizens of Siena – who enjoy great ancient traditions – have created an optical fibers system for their city, bringing back to this city the old landscape splendour that had been lost during the last century, and at the same time they have eliminated a good portion of pollution caused by electromagnetic waves. Referring to the title of this bulletin, we ask ourselves, why has Rome, leading art capital of the world, been deprived of such an important urban investment. We all know why: private interests were the obstacle. The main reason for this bulletin is to inform Italian cities about what is happening these days in our country and in the world with regard to pollution caused by radio frequencies due to increase of telephone transmission installations for cellular phones. We will forward another petition against further licence issues for such installations and more specifically, with regard to the sale of 3rd generation cellular phones. This is its content:

Our protocol No. 05

Rome, 28 August 2000

Subject: Petition against the authorisation and concession of licences for the installation of telephone transmission towers and the sale of 3rd generation cellular phones.

To the Procura della Repubblica italiana – Piazzale Clodio No. 12, Rome

To the European Parliament, ATTN: H.E. the President Dr. Nino Gemelli

Sécretariat Général: L-2929 Luxembourg

The undersigned Pietro Sabato, spokesman of the Committee of Via Gasperina and Via Cropani, Rome, and National President of the "Italian New Generation Party", with reference to our letter dated 22 August 2000 – protocol No. 04 – requests that further research investigation be made by the above addressed authorities, regarding the new release procedures of licences for the installation of telephone transmission towers and, consequently, sale of 3rd generation cellular phones, while their introduction into the market is under discussion.

Furthermore, the undersigned requests the same above authorities, all the Italian political parties and all citizens of the world, to promote a referendum similar to that which took place some years ago in Italy regarding the nuclear plants. Today Italy is proud to have decided right at that time, and today we do not need to dismantle any nuclear plant which would have been more expensive than creating them.

As for the future of these telephone towers installation, in case they would be activated, all citizens would be bombarded day and night with electromagnetic waves FIVE TIMES STRONGER than the present pollution rate, as there will be five companies participating to this banquet (a few days ago out of 9 candidates, 4 were chosen, we hope they will not increase).

These installations, whenever activated, will cause enormous damages to our health and that of all living creatures.

We inform the authorities responsible for these works in progress, that the price of 800,000 lire requested from licence holders for each 3rd generation cellular phone buyer, is, according to our calculations, a ridiculous amount. This is due to the fact that if we consider a possible hospitalization of a cellular phone owner in case of cancer illness caused by its use, the costs of medical research, clinical tests, hospitalization and, finally, possible funeral, according to our statistics and excluding moral damages, would by far exceed that price and would be in the approximate range of about one billion lire for each owner. For us members of the "Italian New Generation Party", human life costs much more than animal life.


Beware, if all this will become reality, the relative costs will fall on the budgets of our present new generation.

We repeat: in our opinion such a sacrifice is not tolerable, if compared to the trivial and damaging effect on man’s health and that of all living creatures, consequently this is not the road to take to increase the State’s budget and that of some private citizens.

We will defend with all our means the new generation and ourselves from these killer toys.

The spokesman of the Committee of Via Gasperina and Via Cropani, Rome
and National President of the "Italian New Generation Party"
Pietro Sabato


Copy for information to the authorities of:

H.E. The Prefect – Piazza SS. Apostoli, 00100 Rome

H.E. The Queastor – Via S. Vitale 1 , 00100 Rome

The General Army Headquarters – Viale Romania, 45 – 00100 Rome

ANSA, Mewsmedia Agency, Via della Dataria, 94 – 00100 Rome


Following are the signatures of members:



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