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Rome, 14 August 2000


This is our second political bulletin. The first one was issued on 30 July 2000, after which we obtained three moral successes and one big material defeat. The moral successes certainly coincided with the content of our first bulletin, whereas the material defeat is related to all our Don Quixote-like battles fought with letters, postal stamps and bulletins both in the past and in the present. We do not mean to be conceited, but we take some credit for the train of events we will report here; it will also serve as encouragement for our forthcoming political activities.

Let’s therefore start listing the good news:

1st - An offense to poverty has been avoided: the purchase of a human being with golden feet, for the amount of only 150 billion lire, has been revoked.

2nd - On the 2nd of August 2000 the TG1 (TV channel 1 news program) announced that finally the Canadian grizzly bears, since 500 years at the service of the British royal forces (their fur was utilized for their military hats), were finally allowed to retire (the symbol of our party is in fact the GRIZZLY BEAR; we therefore felt involved by these good news coming from the British Royal family. But this also gives us an occasion to point our finger to the real problems, that are the problems of all the other developed countries as well, and we made it a point to report them to the ANSA Agency, the RAI and the MESSAGGERO daily newspaper (as of today still no reaction from them). But we are stubbern: that’s why we will mention them again here.

A further consideration: in noting the indifference shown by the great leaders of the world regarding the poor, we foresee a future where poverty and crime rate will considerably increase in all of the rich countries and become catastrophic in Third World countries, unless we start giving our young people adequate through the means of sports activities combined with other cultural activities such as music, digital technology, etc., teaching them respect for human beings and to be in the service of the weaker

3rd - News reported by the newspaper "Il Giornale" on 9 August 2000, page 14 "Sciences": Finally professor CARLO RUBBIA, President of ENEA, has announced that hydrogen can be utilized as fuel in the so-called fueling cells for the production of energy to be uitlized in the sector of transportation, domestic heating and production of electric energy without causing environmental pollution. We should soon have new hydrogen power plants and their installation all over the world will hopefully save the planet from the greenhouse effect.

4th - And now let’s report the big material defeat, which inspired the title of the present bulletin and will appear as a type of persecution of 2nd class citizens. To this purpose we will cite here the text of our petition sent to the competent authorities followed by some additional comments:

Protocol No. 3 – Subject: Petition against unknown persons – Rome, 14 August 2000 – To the Headquarters of the Municipal Police Force, Piazza Cinecittà 11, Rome, protocoled the same day with No. 19430/2000. Copy for information sent to: ASL RMB Public Hygiene Dept. – V.le Bruno Rizzieri, 226 – Rome.

I, the undersigned Pietro Sabato, spokesman of the Committee of Via Gasperina and Vis Cropani, founder and National President of the "Italian New Generation Party", reports to the above mentioned authorities, that on this day of 11 August 2000 the undersigned was alerted by other citizens that on Via Anagnina 169, right near our buildings, at an approximate distance of 20 meters, a high frequency telephone transmission tower was being installed.

The undersigned therefore requests that it be immediately removed, as it is not in accordance with the law regulations due to the fact that it is too close to the buildings and it’s antenna is too powerful.

Waiting to hear soon from you, please accept my best regards.

Signed by: Pietro Sabato.

N.B. : Due to lack of space we will not list the names of the citizens who signed this petition.

Our comment: If the above mentioned telephone transmission tower, of which we still do not know the originator, should be activated, the citizens residing in the area will proceed to undergo medical check-ups for themselves, for all domestic animals and also for approximately 300 beef cattle also present in the area next to No.171, Via Anagnina and No. 31, Via di Casale di Gregna (bothe these two cattle ranches have also been the subject of another petition sent by our Committee, as they produce air pollution caused by animal urine, fecies, illegal burials of dead animals as well as waste disposal of old tyres that are an ideal target of tiger mosquitos; to this we must now add the above mentioned radio frequency pollution – please see petition of 13 May 1999, protocol No. 8429 presented to the Municipal Police Force of Via Cinecittà No. 11, still not resolved as of today - For further information please contact our Internet site www.nuova which will be active starting September 1st, 2000); the costs of the medical check-ups will be charged to the responsible installers of the transmission tower, and the reason is to verify and keep a file of all data regarding the health condition of each living being before the installation and activation of the above antenna. Another citizen has furthermore proposed to carry out a specific medical check-up on all male adults and children whose genital organs are at risk with this type of pollution, as it can cause irreversible damages to the reproduction system.

We are of the opinion that such a sacrifice is not worthwhile compared to the trivial use of these gadgets that are greatly harmful to people’s health.

Signed by: Pietro Sabato

Spokesman of the Committee of Via Gasperina and Via Cropani and National President of the "Italian New Generation Party".

Next we will show our second petition protocol No. 04, subject: Petition against unknown persons, presented to the Procura della Repubblica Italiana – Piazzale Clodio No. 12 - Rome, and to the European Parliament, to the attention of H.E. The President Dr. Nino Gemelli – Sécretariat Général - L-2929 Luxembourg, and copy for information to the following authorities: H.E. the Prefect of Rome – Piazza SS. Apostoli, Rome; H.E. the Quaestor of Rome, Via S. Vitale 1; the General Army Headquarters – Viale Romania 45 – Rome, and also to the ANSA media Agency – Via della Dataria 94 – 00100 Rome.

I, the undersigned Pietro Sabato, spokesman of the Committee of Via Gasperina and Via Cropani in Rome, founder and National President of the "Italian New Generation Party", sender of the petition presented to the Municipality of Rome – protocol No. 20390 on 13 May 1999, and to the European Parliament – protocol No. 798/99 of the general petitions register, and to the Procura della Repubblica Italian of Rome, 1st section – registered with protocol No. 4690/2000, wish to inform the above mentioned authorities that – presumably – on the same municipal estate which was the subject of petition dated 13 May 1999, just adjacent to No. 169 of Via Anagnina, the installation of a highly powerful telephone tower is being completed near our buildings, at a distance of about 20 meters. As a result the undersigned has proceeded to personally contact the technicians in charge of the installation, asking them to show the relative permits for such works in progress, but was denied such information. (We are still waiting to hear from the competent authorities).

To this purpose the undersigned invites the above mentioned authorities to start an inquiry regarding the sudden release of permits of such installations. He furthermore requests that immediate action be taken to forbid media publicity for cellular phones, like in the case of cigarettes. It is very surprising and typically Italian that, while at national and European Community level law decrees are being issued that define the acceptable limits of such electro-magnetic pollution, at the same time licences for the installation of infrastructures are being issues that are damaging for the health of people and all other living creatures.

Especially regarding cellular phones, an American research has with no doubt demonstrated a dramatic increase of brain cancers in the area just behind the ear, which is the area most exposed to cellular phone antennas.

Enclosed herewith is also copy of petition dated 14 August 2000, our protocol No. 03, presented to the Municipal Police Dept. of Piazza Cinecittà No. 11, Rome, plus two photos of the telephone transmission tower under installation and, finally, three copies of leaflet dated 30 July, and three copies of the bulletin dated 14 August.

The spokesman of the Committee of Via Gasperina and Via Cropani, Rome
and National President of the "Italian New Generation Party"
Pietro Sabato

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