Photograph taken in 1945, of Pietro Sabato

National President of the


vote for me and you will know me when I will be bigger


Rome, 30 July 2000

Please donít throw me away! Give me three minutes, the exact time needed to read the entire leaflet, after which you can pass me on to your neighbours until it becomes ready for the wastepapaper basket.

The first thing you will say when seeing this leaflet is: Lord!! Another party! Arenít the ones we have already enough?

But please note! The founder of this party is a common citizen who never made any politics until now, he only made the mistake to buy an apartment in an area with severe environmental problems and who, since about one year and after having presented a regular petition to the responsible authorities, like Don Quixote, is carrying out a battle against the wind mills.

(See petition to the Municipality of Rome No. 20390 dated 13 May 1999). Should you need further clarification, please consult the Internet site, which will be active starting September 1st, 2000.

It is easy to suppose that Pietro Sabato, whose profession is that of a litographer, and at first was the spokesman for the Committee of Via Gasperina and Via Cropani in Rome, and now has become the founder of the "Partito Italiano Nuova Generazione", has no longer voted since the last two years, as he became unhappy with the present political system that grew further and further away from the basic needs of the citizens.

Statistics show that 30% of the Italians no longer vote during elections, so if you are one of those citizens, disillusioned by the present political situation, through our "P.I.N.G." you can have the opportunity to become an active member of the Italian political scene. You can register in the "P.I.N.G." by sending your biodata and a voluntary money contribution (also 1,000 lire only to symbolize your engagement).

We propose the following promotional announcement:

The "Partito Italiano Nuova Generazione" is looking for citizens of all cities and municipalities of Italy who wish to carry out political activities and become candidates in the next political elections.

Our statute text is available in the above mentioned Internet site.

Our program, together with some considerations, is as follows:

  1. To support all religious institutions that work in the frontlines to solve everyday problems of the poorer and less fortunate people, who are constanly increasing while waiting for social solutions to guarantee respect for their rights.
  2. To promote sports activities for young people, and to this end, the P.I.N.G., as per its Statute, aims at ensuring that each individual person of minor age, belonging to whichever ethnic or social group, be given the dignity to express him/herself through the desired sports activities, and to practice these sports at no cost, as they will be financed by the community, from the age of 5 years until major age.

    If our program is to become reality, we will no longer see in the future any of these youngsters become thiefs or drug addicts; when we look at our children today, we see that most of them are obese or have physical difficulties caused in most cases by lack of exercise. If we want our sons and daughters to grow healthy in body and mind, this is the only road to success, as we will help them avoid the trap of drugs.

    Regarding the way of organizing these centers for children and teenagers, it is our plan to create, for all of them, several structures all over Italy, that should contain schools, recreational centers, sports centers and various other professional activities in order to train the young people for their future working activities, so as to avoid useless time consuming transfers. Initially, we will have to utilize means of transportation to transfer them to the sports centers nearest to their schools, through the use of electric buses or other non-polluting means already experimented in other countries; to this end one of our objectives is to help finance all those institutes that are specialized in researching also alternative energies, due to the fact that todayís energy use is damaging to peopleís health; that is why we invite all automobile producers, especially those engaged with car races, not to waste time and resources on gasoline motors, while trying to win over each other and influencing millions of people through the media bombardment, while in reality all of this is superseded.

    One century has just ended and a new one has started: no more gasoline motors, letís test on electric or hydrogen ones. At first we will be amused at the sight of these slower vehicles, but the show can still go on, so donít waste any more time!


  4. All estates belonging to the municipality or those used improperly will be utilized to create sports centers, public parks, in harmony with urban needs.

We will stop here, as this can be very challenging for us, who are just starting out in politics, but we guarantee that all the above points of our program will be implemented with the help of your support.

No more bureaucracy!

To conclude:

The "P.I.N.G." intends to carry out its program, as it considers it as the only solution for the development of this country, with or without the help of other parties; it is not our intention to adopt a non-democratic political position; luckily the days of Napoleone Bonaparte are over, as are those more recent ones that we still remember. We will try to obtain the votes of all those who havenít voted in a long time, as we think that they should resume voting in order to contribute to the realization of a great political project.

We in turn will guarantee moral and strict adherence to our rules.

We do not intend to disrupt Italian politics, but in order to carry out our plan we need everybodyís help, all united to fight the evil called "drugs" that is strangling our society.

Letís prepare together the New Generation that will lead tomorrow with wisdom our country.


The National President
Pietro Sabato

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