Chapter I.
Objectives of the "Italian New Generation Party"


  1. The "Italian New Generation Party" is a political movement engaged in the administrative organization of an innovative and social political project centered on young people in order to develop democratic values in the Italian nation.
  2. The basic principles of the "Italian New Generation Party" are composed by the three following principles:
  1. Jobs
  2. Environment
  3. Sports.
  1. The symbol of the "Italian New Generation Party", abbreviated as "P.I.N.G.", shows the inscription of the party’s name, i.e. "Partito Italiano Nuova Generazione", contained in an external green circle, which is followed internally by two smaller white and red circles that represent the colours of the Italian flag; in the middle of the three circles is placed the image of a GRIZZLY BEAR printed in four-colour shades.
The bear is shown holding in its lap, in a protective manner, four smiling children who represent the four main ethnic groups of the world, also printed in four-colour shades.

The image of the bear was chosen as the emblem of the party because it represents some behavioural traits of mankind, but being an animal it is incorruptible; the other reason is that it symbolizes the strength of the new Italian multiethnic generation that will contribute to the future political life of Italy.



N.B.: Please note that all other subsequent paragraphs and chapters of this Statute are not listed, as they follow the usual standard patterns of similar statutes.

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